Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer

SAP training program that delivers early product-related knowledge to presales, sales, consultants, partners, and support teams. This program contributes to the successful implementation of ramp-up projects and is a crucial element of the ramp-up process in the product innovation lifecycle at SAP.


SAP software that has a version number, is shipped at a particular time, and has defined maintenance phases.

release-to-customer date

Date that marks the initial availability of a release to customers and the beginning of the restricted shipment phase.

restricted shipment phase

First phase of a release delivery, which is rolled out within the framework of the SAP Ramp-Up program. The program determines how many customers receive the release and increases distribution in a controlled way. This phase is followed by the unrestricted shipment phase.

road map

Product timeline that has a variety of objectives, including communication to customers, users, or other parties interested in the timing of future product releases; the features planned for those releases; general prioritization of features; and in some cases, the requirements of features in enough detail that current and prospective customers can give feedback on the feature itself and the product’s direction.