value-added reseller (VAR)

Partner that receives the majority of its revenue from reselling a vendor’s hardware or software solutions directly to end users. Additionally, VARs often provide consulting, implementation, postsales support, and training to their own customers. VARs may develop and sell add-on applications to meet the needs of vertical markets and may expand SAP product functionality.

vertical solution

A specialized application designed to meet the unique needs of a particular business or industry.

visual enterprise

The ability to visually communicate parts of the business helps maximize productivity, improve process efficiency and quality, and reduce cost and cycle time. Solutions that support the “visual enterprise” unify and synchronize product information from multiple systems and deliver it in role-specific and workflow-controlled processes to people. SAP’s recent acquisition of Right Hemisphere enriches SAP Business Suite software with new 3-D visualization features that integrate business data, which will support new standards to increase speed, enhance productivity, and improve quality across the entire value chain.