Management Report


Energy and emissions

Serving our customers, pursuing our strategy of innovation, and driving toward sustainable success all demand that we address our environmental impact. We recognize the need to do our part to reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and to become more energy efficient. These efforts bring tangible benefits not just to the environment, but to our business. New efficiencies drive significant savings that directly impact our financial performance. These savings also enable us to invest further in innovation, as well as sustainabilitysustainabilityFor SAP, sustainability is the ability to manage economic, social, and environmental risks and opportunities holistically for increased profitability. It contributes to our vision to make the world run better and improve peoples’ lives. SAP is committed t... initiatives such as our increased purchase of renewable energy. 

By working to improve our efficiency, we have learned what it takes to do so. We are better positioned to design solutions to help our customers thrive in a resource-constrained world. We have been challenged to solve problems in new ways, making us more innovative and driving financial success for our Company, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. In addition, our focus on becoming more sustainable has engaged our employees, who overwhelmingly indicate in the employee survey 2011 that these efforts are important to SAP. 

We assess our progress on energy and greenhouse gas emissions through four key performance indicators that reveal not just how well we are addressing our environmental impact, but also our broader performance in terms of forging new solutions and executing on our strategy. 

For more information about how SAP solutions help companies run better from environmental, social, and economic perspectives, see the Portfolio of Software and Services section.