Publications for Shareholders


The following publications are available from SAP Investor Relations: 

  • SAP Group Annual Report (IFRS, in English or German) 
  • Annual Report on Form 20-F (IFRS, in English) 
  • SAP AG Statutory Financial Statements and Review of Operations (HGB, in German) 
  • Quarterly Reports (in English or German) 
  • SAP INVESTOR magazine (in German) 

All of these documents, plus financial data spreadsheets and other shareholder services, are also available on the Internet at, or in German at

The interactive SAP Group Annual Report in English and German is available on the Internet at

The interactive edition of SAP INVESTOR magazine in English and German can be viewed online at

The interactive SustainabilitysustainabilityFor SAP, sustainability is the ability to manage economic, social, and environmental risks and opportunities holistically for increased profitability. It contributes to our vision to make the world run better and improve peoples’ lives. SAP is committed t... Report is available on the Internet at

Conveniently read SAP’s annual and quarterly reports on the iPad. The free and interactive app is now available in the App Store.

Full information on the governance of SAP is available at Materials include: 

  • SAP’s Articles of Incorporation 
  • German Stock Corporation Act, Section 161, Declaration Concerning SAP AG’s Implementation of the German Corporate Governance Code 
  • SAP’s Corporate Governance Statement 
  • SAP’s Code of Business Conduct 
  • Information about the management of the company, including the directors on the governing bodies 
  • Details of the directors’ dealings in SAP shares 
  • Shareholder meeting papers and ballot results